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XFree86 4.x.x ViRGE Driver

All driver modules should be extracted and renamed to s3virge_drv.o.  For a standard XFree86 install, the driver is in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers.  Save your old module before replacing it with the test version!

Jan 28, '03 - Version 1.8.6.  320x240 doublescan support w/mouse adjust, power management printouts, DAC error printout fix, log XVideo status based on chipset, preliminary support for disabling XV when a mode doesn't support it.

Jan 9, '02 - Version 1.8.2.  DGA fix for all chipsets.  !!CAUTION!! Test of ViRGE MX panel/backlight disable.  I have not tested this myself, so don't run this on a ViRGE MX unless you've contacted me directly for test instructions. 

Nov 11, '01 - Version 1.8.1.  Resolution < 1024x768 fix for MX. 

Nov 5, '01 - Version 1.8.0.  ViRGE MX XVideo window overlap fixes.  Enable XVideo for ViRGE GX2.  4.1.0 module contributed by Sven Menke.

4.1.0 (CVS) version 1.6.16, s3virge_drv.410_1616.gz(29k).  Add Adam J. Richter's cr3a fix. New Option "noxvideo". Add XVideo support for ViRGE MX from Sven Menke. Merge some MX changes from 4.0.3 testing and disable rect fill for Trio3d. Source patch s3v.410_1616.diff.gz(5k). (Updated, link was incorrect.)

4.1.0 (CVS) version 1.6.13, s3virge_drv.410_1613.gz(29k).  This will NOT work on 4.0.3 servers unless you disable version checking, and hasn't been tested on them.  Allow larger modes by disabling MaxHValue testing.  Add Adam J. Richter's cr3a fix. Add Option "noxvideo" and XVideo support for ViRGE MX from Sven Menke. Source patch s3v.410_1613.diff.gz(4k).

4.0.3 ViRGE MX & Trio3D test version 1.6.9, s3virge_drv.403+_169.gz(29k).   Display additional LCD setup info.  addl mx changes, disable solid rect accel for Trio3D. 

Usual disclaimers apply... These are test modules. While I've usually tested them with ViRGE DX I make no claims for your particular setup. There may be remaining instabilities which could lock your machine. Please take precautions when running a test module for the first time.